Some reflections and prayers to help you discern how God is calling you.

Meditation by Cardinal John Henry Newman

God, you have created me to do you some definite service: You have committed some work to me which you have not committed to another. I have my mission – I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told in the next. Somehow I am necessary for your purposes. I have a part in the great work; I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for nothing. I shall do good, I shall do his work; I shall be an angel of peace, A preacher of truth in my own place. Fulfill your high purposes in me, I am here to serve you, to be yours.


Prayer for Discernment

Loving Father, You have blessed me with wonderful gifts. Through baptism I am member of Christ's Body the Church, and share in its mission of proclaiming the Gospel and becoming a Holy People. Keep my heart open to following Jesus' way of serving others in love and to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.


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