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Some Religious Congregations for Women in the UK

Some Religious Congregations of Men in the UK

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These are just a few examples of the many religious congregations with a presence in England and Wales.
A comprehensive list is available at www.ukreligiouslife.org/religious-orders/links-to-websites

Priests for Scotland is an initiative of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland which aims to address issues of significance to priests working in Scotland. Priests for Scotland is also concerned with the promotion of vocations to the priesthood in the dioceses of Scotland. www.priestsforscotland.org.uk

Secular Institutes have a website at www.secularinstitutes.co.uk
Consecrated women have a blog at

The National Office for Vocation, the Bishops Conference, the Vocations Directors of England and Wales and the religious congregations present in England and Wales are extremely grateful to the Vocations Initiative of the Catenian Association who have generously funded the design and development of this website.

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